Dedicated Swiss High Security Safe Hosting

Our SWISS TRESOR HOSTING service pays attention to special customer needs. Focused on intrusion security, we offer limited rack space and virtual backup space inside a former Swiss Bank Safe located in the bigger Zurich area.

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We've got your secure storage space!

Your data is really safe inside our armored server room under the ground. Every access to the servers must be accompanied by our personnel (available only for colocation customers). The safe room (tresor), located in the bigger Zurich area, is cooled down, and fast internet connection is available.

What we offer

Server Colocation

There is still limited space available for your dedicated server that needs to be accommodated in a safe room in your lockable rack space. Colocation customers are not allowed to enter the safe without our personnel. Registration is required in advance.

Backup Space

Copy your company's backup data regularly onto our backup servers. The transmission is encrypted by an encryption certificate and the storage space is highly secured.

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